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Do you need an experienced Freelance Editor to convert your raw footage into an engaging, compelling video? We offer freelance editing services for individuals, businesses and organisations that want to create high quality video content.

With years of professional experience working with a diverse range of clients, our editors can help you create advertisements and promotional videos, corporate training videos, viral online content, short films, episodic content and more.

Based in Manchester, we work with clients in the local area, throughout the North West and across the UK. Our freelance editing services are available for both one-off projects and long term, recurring video editing work.

Why Hire a Freelance Editor?

Editing is one of the most important steps in creating video content. From ensuring your video fits within its time requirements to creating a compelling, engaging story arc, editing is a highly important part of producing video.

Editors are responsible for taking the raw video footage you’ve produced during studio filming or your live event and turning it into a finished product for viewers.

Hiring an experienced freelance editor to work on your project ensure you’ll receive professional results. An experienced editor can give your content the pacing, visual quality and clear, flowing narrative it needs to engage viewers and keep them interested.

Poor editing is one of the most obvious signs of low quality, nonprofessional video. A qualified and experienced can help you achieve the polished, professional look you need to stand out in your industry and project a great image for your brand.

In addition to freelance editing services, we offer production and camera operator services for individuals, businesses and organisations interested in producing high quality video content.

Our Freelance Editing Services

We offer a complete range of editing services, ranging from preparation of a basic “rough cut” to final editing for your finished content. Our editing services are available independently or as part of a complete video production package for your event, business or organisation.

Our freelance editing services include:

We Work on a Range of Video Projects

Our editing services are available for a wide range of clients and content types, from small and mid-sized businesses to individuals in need of professional video editing assistance for events, special occasions and other important footage. Some of the clients we work with include:

No project is too big or small for our team. If you’re seeking professional editing services and don’t know if your project is suitable, please contact us to speak to our team and learn more about how we can help you.

Our Approach

Our goal is always to put your needs as a client first. On every project, we bring our professional knowledge and experience to make sure your video footage realises your vision and meets your expectations.

Whether you’re producing an advertisement, an online viral video or episodic content for film or television, we always take a hands-on, results-focused approach to ensure your content meets the highest standards of quality.

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Would you like to learn more about our freelance video editing services? Based in Manchester, we are available during normal working hours to give advice, discuss your needs and offer pricing information.

Please contact us here  to speak to our team and learn more about our range of video production services.


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  • Great to work with Edit Media, very professional and went over and above for us. Highly recommend.

  • Edit Media are brilliant, great people, great results, couldn’t ask for more. They took my ideas and made a very impressive video, looking forward to working with them in the future.

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