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Do you need a freelance video producer, editor or camera operator in Manchester or the North West? We offer freelance services for small businesses, media companies and organisations in the Greater Manchester Area and throughout the UK.

Our freelance video services are ideal if you need a skilled professional to assist with your video recording, editing and production process but don’t need complete production services.

From recording footage to editing, sound design and other video production tasks, our freelance services allow you to outsource some or all aspects of your video content creation process to an experienced team with extensive knowledge and hands-on industry experience.


Our Freelance video Services

We offer a range of freelance video services, allowing you to access expert professionals without the costs of a complete production. Our team has worked with a diverse range of clients on a wide variety of projects, allowing us to adapt to your needs and produce real results.

Located in Manchester, we are available for studio productions and live events shot on location in the North West and throughout the UK.

Freelance Producer

Our freelance producer services are ideally suited to people, businesses or organisations that want to produce video content but lack the time, experience or industry knowledge to plan and execute a video production project.

With years of experience, our production staff can manage all aspects of the video production process, from day to day site scheduling to talent management, licenses, release forms, risk assessments and other common production tasks.

Hiring a freelance producer lets you move forward with your video project with confidence and knowledge that the entire production cycle, from concept to delivery, will be managed efficiently and successfully.

To learn more about our freelance producer services or request a quote for your project, please contact us here.

Freelance Editor

Our freelance editor services are suited to video content producers that already have raw video footage but need a qualified and experienced editor to turn it into a compelling, engaging final product.

Editing is crucial for any video content. Our experienced freelance editors can take your footage and turn it into a coherent advertisement, short film or episode that matches your creative vision and exceeds your expectations.

Hiring a freelance editor lets you focus on the day to day scheduling and shooting side of your project without having to worry about editing. An experienced editor can help you get the best results from your video content, all without the cost of hiring a complete production team.

To learn more about our freelance editor services or request a quote for your project, please contact us on please contact us here.


Freelance Camera Operator

Our freelance camera operator services are ideal for events and productions that require expert camera staff. With years of hands-on experience and technical knowledge, our camera staff can capture your event or production in perfect detail, whether it’s shot live on location or in a studio.

We use modern, industry standard equipment to capture footage in excellent detail, including in full HD or 4K. Our camera operators have years of experience and can give your production the professional quality it needs to stand out from the crowd and impress viewers.

To learn more about our freelance camera operator services or request a quote for your project, please contact us on please contact us here.


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  • Love these guys, great creative minds and totally dedicated to their work.

  • Great to work with Edit Media, very professional and went over and above for us. Highly recommend.

  • Edit Media are brilliant, great people, great results, couldn’t ask for more. They took my ideas and made a very impressive video, looking forward to working with them in the future.

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