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Video production Manchester

At Video Production Manchester, we work with businesses, brands, companies, organizations, and individuals to develop moving visual assets. Our products are customized to meet your specific needs. We acknowledge the strength of various platforms and tailor make videos to work on all the possible platforms including smartphones, tablets, television, social media, and websites. The popularity of our services is born out of the reliance of our clients on our ability to produce valuable, relevant and consistent content through which they can attract, secure and engage their audiences.

Video Production Manchester


Yippee! Look no further – you are at the right place. We have won awards for our visually-appealing cinematography. Working with us will provide you with access to many of our in-house specialists in video production. Whether the shooting is in our studio or on location, our video production facilities in Manchester are state-of-the-art and have all you need for your pre-production and all other steps up to the final edits. Our products are high quality and attention-getting designed to meet the client’s specific needs. We have many years’ experience and an impressive track record. We take client reviews seriously and use them to enhance our service delivery.
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Is adding a video to my marketing approach worthwhile?
78% of internet users tend to view online videos each week. Employing videos in your digital marketing campaign help put a voice and face to your business while providing your website with high SEO value. Incorporating a video in an email can increase click-through rates by 200-300%.
Can I afford to incorporate video marketing into my marketing strategy?

Even though integrating professional video, high-quality video into your marketing strategy may appear hard – it is attainable. We have different competent packages that ensure you get value for your money. Check out the services we offer and be sure submit any queries and one of our representatives will get back to you.


1. Creation of videos
 Training videos
We specialize in the creation of educational and instructional videos. The videos allow you to bring your know-how to your audience engagingly and cost-effectively. They can include staff training videos, product demonstrations, and instructional DVDs.
 Commercials
We are involved in the production of effective ads across a broad range of brands and industry sector for web or television platforms. We strive to understand our clients’ intended message and goals to develop the most appropriate concepts that with high values.
Other video creations
Interview videos
Testimonial videos
Company overview videos
Video Headers and Backgrounds
Product videos
2.Script writing and editing

This service includes all your screenplay writing, editing, and proofreading needs. We also add constructive feedback on various issues that influence the success of your script. Our analysis will address points of confusion, missing information, underdevelopment, flow and transitions, conciseness, and voice specific editing among others.

3.Video Editing
Our video editing services are tailor-made to meet your unique need. We offer outsourcing options to our clients in all categories from individuals to the multinational corporations whether short filmmakers, news, agencies, product and training videos, and documentary producers. Some of the specific services include video clipping, film reediting, color correction, and the recreation of all types of videos.

Storyboards are great tools for visualizing accurately and outlining a film. Through our storyboarding services, we develop processes that will complete your efforts in planning your video project and visually narrating it panel by panel. We make use of the leading storyboarding software such as Storyboard Pro. Our storyboarding services encompass black and white storyboards and animated storyboard services. They include animatics, character designing, motion graphics, digimatics, concept panels, 3D previz, color storyboards, and thumbnail sketches, and continuity boards.

5.Professional video and lighting equipment
We rent out video and lighting equipment. We understand some of our clients wish to handle the video shoots and production on their own. Our rental services are designed to meet their specific needs. The equipment offered include

 Pro camcorders and cameras

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Video Production Manchester Based in Manchester and UK, we produce high-quality video for a range of businesses, organizations and other clients. For more information about our services or to request a quote for your video production project, please contact us now.

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