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Freelance Camera Operator

Do you need a professional, experienced camera operator for your video project? Our freelance cameraman services are ideal for videos producers that need expert camera operators for event footage, studio recording and other video projects.

Based in Manchester, we offer freelance camera operation services for businesses, individuals and organisations. Our experienced team has worked with clients in a diverse range of fields to produce engaging, compelling and effective video content.

We offer our services both in the Greater Manchester region, throughout the North West and across the UK. In addition to our cameraman services, we also offer freelance production and editing for advertising, television, film and online video projects.



Our Camera Equipment

We shoot using high quality, industry standard equipment, allowing us to capture your footage in full HD and 4K quality. In addition to our high resolution camera equipment, we record clear and detailed audio using high quality microphones and recording gear.



Why Hire a Freelance Cameraman?


Great video requires a talented, experienced camera operator. Our team has extensive industry experience producing video content, from corporate videos to aerial footage, property tours and events.


A professional cameraman (or several camera operators, for shoots that require more than one camera) allow you to capture high quality footage that’s suitable for television, corporate video and other formats where professionalism and quality are essential.


Hiring an experienced freelance camera operator allows you to focus on producing your video content, without having to worry about missed opportunities, poor shot composition, color and white balance issues and other common mistakes of non-expert camera operators.


We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients to produce video content in several settings, from live events such as trade shows and product announcements to corporate videos, online “viral” videos and product demos shot in a studio environment.


Working with us means adding experienced professionals to your team, letting you know you’re getting the footage you need while you focus on producing, editing and publishing your video.




Our Freelance Camera Services


Our freelance cameramen are available for a large variety of projects, ranging from short videos to long form content for TV, film or digital video. We offer camera operator services for projects including:





Our Approach


We understand that results are the most important aspect of any video project, which is why our camera operators are committed to helping you convert your vision into an engaging, compelling and effective piece of video content.


From stylistic requests to other requirements, our professional camera operators work to your specifications to ensure your video accurately reflects what you envisioned and fully meets your expectations.



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Would you like to learn more about our freelance cameraman services? Based in Manchester, we are available during normal working hours to give advice, discuss your needs and offer pricing information.


Please contact us here to speak to our team and learn more about our range of camera operator and video production services.

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